Learn How To Become Emotionally Intelligent Through Meditation

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Many of us pass through life with a great deal of emotional baggage that affects our emotion and thinking. These emotional stresses lie deeply within us for years, affecting our relationship with the ones we love and others around us.

The heartbreaks, loss of loved ones, and obvious disappointment we felt in the past have a way of showing up in our present even when we claim to have gotten over them. We all have them, but as good as it is to have memories, the downsides to these situations are much greater and affect our emotions and personalities.

For these reasons,  it is important to learn how to train the mind to manage these situations effectively, so these dark spots in the past do not affect our decision-making process and relationships with people. One of the best ways to train your mind and thoughts is through meditation and more importantly, mindfulness meditation.

What is meditation?

Over the years, meditation has been one of the most efficient and proven ways to free your mind from stress and emotional hassles that hinder your thinking capacity and abilities. Meditation is a practice of Yoga that is vital to helping you become emotionally intelligent.

Mindfulness meditation helps train your mind, putting it in a state of total concise awareness. It can be said to be standing on the line between being asleep and being awake, your body at rest while your mind takes over.

Advantages of Meditation and Yoga

Meditation makes the mind calmer and much more focused that it ordinarily is. Few minutes of meditation can go a long way in helping you find your inner peace and balance.

Meditation also helps in the understanding of our individual mind, transforming your mind from being negative to being positive can effectively be done through meditation.

Meditation and emotional intelligence

No one reason better than a person whose mind is at rest. When your mind is free from the daily stress and hassles of life, you can make decisions better and see life in a unique view.

Emotional intelligence has to do with your ability to think things through in a short time, making decisions when it’s difficult to, and capacity to hold your peace when everybody else falters. To get your mind and emotion to such level where you become emotionally intelligent is only achieved and can be done only with the help of meditation. Ever wondered why people who are very much involved in Yoga always seem to have cool demeanor and they just look like they have their life in control? The secret is meditation.

How to Meditate

Meditation may be quite difficult in practice even though it may sound quite easy in theory. But its difficulty can easily be overcome with constant practice.

To get the whole benefit of meditation, it needs to be done well and with a peace of mind. Meditation is all about the calmness of mind and breathing, yes, your breathing. Breathing goes a long way in setting you on the right path through meditation; you must first know that in Yoga, breathing awareness is the key to meditating correctly.

To meditate, you need to sit in a comfortable way; it is advised in Yoga that you sit, folding your legs in and over the other, making sure your thigh and knees are slightly above the ground and by your side.

This sitting technique was chosen because you have a lesser chance of falling asleep. Breath awareness is the next step after you have taken your comfortable sitting position. This is the point where muscle relaxation takes place; breathing awareness calms the nervous system, and the mind is relieved.

Take time to notice how you breathe in and out, how your lungs expand and collapse, how the air fills your nostrils, and the warm air flows out. During this breathing awareness process, your mind drifts away from the worries that always seem to come across your mind and replace with absolute calmness. With time, you feel your breathing relaxing, as your breathing relaxes, your mind and nervous systems also relaxes.

Mantra and Meditation

This time you begin to say your mantra in a repetitive manner, remember your mantra can be anything positive you say to yourself and these greatly help in making you focus on your mind.

You must keep it in mind that painful thoughts and negative emotions can or will undoubtedly arise during your meditation, especially if you are new to it but your breathing awareness is the only certain thing meets these distractions without much reaction. So when the bad thoughts come in, don’t give up, just focus more on your breathing. 

 Major steps of meditation

The major stages and steps to take note of when meditating are;

  1. Breathing awareness; take a closer feel at how you breathe and take note of every nourishing sensation that comes with breathing. This is an important aspect of meditation.
  2. Relax your muscle and abdomen; your abdomen and rib cages relax and expand while you breath, be sure to make them as relaxed as possible.
  3. Take note of every consecutive breath; don’t just rush through your breaths, take note of each dual process of exhaling and inhaling.
  4. Continue with breathing awareness; don’t forget to give the breathing awareness the attention and importance it deserves. Let your mind focus on the breathing process.
  5. Say your mantra; most people prefer to go with the ‘hum” sound because it harmonizes with the breathing mental sound. No matter what mantra you choose to go with, be sure it isn’t something you have to stress your mind to remember, let it come easily as you repeat it.

There is no required or approved duration of meditation, just stop when you feel your mind is fully rested. Meditation should be done at your free time, don’t do it when you may have to rush through it or where you might be disturbed as a beginner. Over time as you familiarise yourself with the procedure, you’ll be able to meditate at any given time or place no matter the distractions around you.

Being emotionally intelligent is vital and a sure fire way to guide through life`s constant stress and demand and to attain an acceptable level of emotional intelligence to me able to overcome whatever life throws at you, you need to learn the secret weapon of meditation.

Meditation will not only make you emotionally intelligent, but it also goes a long way in making you appreciate life and see the world in a lighter and better view.

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