Buckwheat Sleeping Pillow (Standard Size)

Buckwheat Sleeping Pillow (Standard Size)

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You don’t have to wake up with a stiff neck anymore! All you need is a Buckwheat Hull sleeping pillow and your body will feel refreshed and aligned from when you wake up in the morning until you lie back down at night.

Do you or your partner snore at night?

Buckwheat Hull sleeping pillows are known to help stop snoring by keeping your head positioned in a way that is most optimal for unobstructed, snore-free breathing. A Buckwheat Hull sleeping pillow can help you both get a well deserved restful night's sleep.

You might have heard of the benefits of a Therapeutic or Sobakawa pillow, and our Buckwheat Hull sleeping pillow provides the same ones. Unlike a cotton, polyester or down-filled pillow, the natural buckwheat hull filling keeps its form all night long and over time. Because of this, your body will have proper alignment, your muscles will stay relaxed through the night and you won’t wake up with a cricked or sore neck or back.

In addition, Buckwheat Hull sleeping pillow keeps your head cool as you sleep. The size of our Buckwheat Hull sleeping pillow will fit your standard pillow cases and it is covered with organic cotton that is easy to clean. Unlike many pillows that contain feathers or chemicals, these pillows are all-natural and double cleaned to prevent allergies.

Try our Buckwheat Hull sleeping pillow today and see how much better your sleep can be.

  • 100% Cotton Outer
  • 100% Buckwheat hulls
  • Zipper included allowing for filling adjustment
  • Length: 72cm Width: 48cm Height: 8cm Weight: 3.5kg (Approx)
  • Fits any standard size pillow case

The Benefits of Buckwheat Hull Sleeping Pillows 

Advantages of Buckwheat Hull Sleeping Pillows Versus Alternatives

Synthetic fibres, 100 percent cotton, foam, and feathers have all been used as alternatives to the original buckwheat pillow, and all these alternatives have made claims to various benefits. These include increased conformity, ability to maintain original shape, and hypo-allergenic materials to overcome night allergies. It is worthwhile to consider these claims and how the more inexpensive and natural Buckwheat Hull compares with them.


There is a huge number of people with neck and shoulder problems due to everything from poor posture to osteoporosis and spinal disc degeneration. This is a major cause of insomnia, and lack of sleep will affect every area of a person's life, including increasing the risk of several chronic diseases. It is little wonder that so many pillows are being manufactured now to increase support for the head, neck and shoulders while also moulding to the individual's unique alignment.

Some of the most popular pillow types addressing the issue of conformity are made of foam. These can help in getting to sleep, but they suffer a design flaw that will actually increase daily discomfort from upper spine misalignment. The premise of foam is that it return to a standard shape after use. Instead of moulding itself to the individual's alignment, foam is constantly providing resistance against the natural alignment. In short, foam starts trying to return to its original shape as soon as you lay your head down on it.

Buckwheat Hulls compare favourably to the conforming action of foam in a couple of ways. Hulls can be shifted around to mould to the individual's alignment with little effort. The primary benefit is that hulls provide an truly firm pillow. Instead of providing resistance, like foam pillows do, Buckwheat Hull sleeping pillows simply offer support by not compacting once the desired position is achieved. Many people rely on foam as a filling for donuts, lower-back support, and body pillows to correct alignment problems. Buckwheat Hulls can be used in all of these with the same increased benefits.

Long-lasting Comfort

It likely comes as a surprise to many, but every pillow has a lifespan. Using any pillow past its lifespan will result in deleterious effects on the neck and shoulders, but it can be difficult to know the signs of a pillow in need of replacement. For cotton and synthetic fillings, there will be obvious signs. The filling will become unevenly distributed and lumpy. This can also be tested by folding the pillow in half. A firm filling will quickly return to its original shape, but this return will slow with age. Feather pillows will simply start to require more than usual fluffing.

Even with proper replacement every two years or so, which is necessary due to the inadvisability of washing such pillows, these alternative pillows are not as effective as Buckwheat Hull sleeping pillow at providing a comfortable night's sleep. As a fabric, cotton is breathable, but this quality is damaged during use in a pillow. Cotton becomes dense over time preventing circulation and trapping both heat and moisture. Synthetic fibres tend to perform even worse than cotton in terms of long-term comfort.

Buckwheat Hull sleeping pillows excel for a couple of reasons. Their shape is elongated in dry conditions, which proves to be the maximum density of the pillow. The irregular shape of the Hulls ensures air circulation is still possible. They will not become any more dense unless there is moisture. When exposed to moisture from humidity or sweat, Buckwheat Hulls curl and reduce overall density. This increases air circulation, which maximises evaporation and keeps the head cool. The Hull's unique response to moisture is responsible for the longer life expectancy discussed below.

Buckwheat Hull Sleeping Pillows are Free From Allergies and Toxins

Foam, synthetic fibre, and feather fillings all suffer from common problems. Feathers are known to cause allergies, yet some products are chemically processed and sold as hypoallergenic. Foam and synthetic fillings are likewise attempts to introduce an allergen-free product. These products do avoid many known allergies, but they substitute lesser known allergens and toxic by-products in the process.

Most use some type of anti-fungal product to prevent mould growth, which is necessary because these pillows trap moisture. They often use formaldehyde and other stabilisers to prevent bacterial growth and decomposition. Chemical ingredients are common in pillows. Formaldehyde, for example, is known to release as a gas from products containing it. This gas is recognised by health authorities as a carcinogen exposure risk. Many chemicals used in pillows have their own risks or have not been evaluated for long-term risk.

Buckwheat Hull sleeping pillows are far safer from this perspective. The use of organic or properly cleaned Hulls ensures there is no presence of toxins. People with an allergic reaction to Buckwheat are the only ones who will have a problem with allergies, but this problem is effectively eliminated with the double-cleaning process used by most manufacturers. A 100 percent cotton covering is suggested, and the cover is the only other ingredient in a Buckwheat Hull sleeping pillow.

Medical Benefit

A multi-million dollar market in pillows exists due to the problems many people have with getting a good night's rest. The problems are, unfortunately, being made worse by the very products that claim to make them better. Buckwheat hulls are often prescribed by health professionals to help with a number of alignment and other health issues, including:

  • TMJ syndrome
  • lumbar and cervical sublaxation
  • muscle tension
  • pain in the upper spine
  • migraines
  • snoring
  • night sweats due to menopause or illness

Eco-friendly, Cost-effective Filling

All Buckwheat Hull sleeping pillows have a life expectancy of 7-10 years. This does not extend to the cover, which can be washed and kept indefinitely. Once the Hulls do begin to lose shape, they can be tossed in the compost or strewn about the yard for natural decomposition. Other types of pillows are either synthetic and non-biodegradable or treated with chemicals to make them non-biodegradable.

Buckwheat Hulls Buckwheat is an Eco-friendly choice for your pillow for another reason as well. Cotton farming is pesticide-intensive, and it requires a lot of irrigation during the driest months of the year. Foam is made almost exclusively from petroleum, and synthetic fibres are generally made from a combination of petroleum and other chemicals. Feathers and down are certainly natural products, but the source for feathers and down can hardly be termed Eco-friendly choice. Common Buckwheat requires little pampering and can be grown inexpensively as a totally organic crop.

The long life of Hulls automatically makes them a more cost-effective choice. Other pillows would have to be replaced three times over in the lifespan of a Buckwheat Hull sleeping pillow. Once replacement is needed, you can buy Buckwheat Hulls for $10-$30 p/kg. This may sound comparable to traditional pillows at first, but keep in mind that approximately 3.5kg of hulls is the maximum amount anyone would need for a standard size pillow. It is also more than likely you will need to replace the casing long before the hulls begin to lose shape.


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