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Lip Balm

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All Natural Lip Balm by Blue Banyan Australia is an Australian made product filled with all natural ingredients, developed to help protect your lips, keeping them fresh, hydrated and silky smooth.

Our lip balms come in a range of flavours to suit your mood, including Vanilla, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Sandalwood & Myrrh.

I'll be honest; for years, I was collecting tonnes of lip balms in every flavour imaginable and brand. I realised that lip balm is a necessity for every woman, especially if she desires to maintain soft, kissable lips for life.

Our lips need tender loving care every day of the year and morning, noon and night, because of their natural thin skin structure. It doesn't matter how full your lips are; we all have the same DNA of thin tissue. Lips also do not have enough melanin (skin pigment) to protect us from the strong rays of the sun. In general, our lips are sensitive and lack protective oil glands. As we age, the problem becomes more significant.

So, how do you manage your mature lips and keep them adequately moisturised, smooth and soft?

It's a smart idea to collect plenty of lip balms but only if they are the real deal of a pure, organic and vegan background. Whatever balms you're purchasing in drug stores or at expensive skin care spas, I can bet they're not living up to their promises, because they're often blended in with chemicals and other synthetic irritants.

That's why you sometimes read about lawsuits against major lip balm brands because some of the chemical ingredients have allegedly caused severe reactions to users' lips. No one wants to experience that kind of issue by merely applying a lip balm. It shouldn't have to be that way.

That's why our Lip Balm is better, and you can choose from luscious flavours like Lemon, Orange, Vanilla and Lime. If you've never sampled an all natural lip balm, trust us, there is a considerable difference. Once you pucker up to our Lip Balm, you'll never go back to the others.

Our Lip Balm is free of parabens, petrolatum and paraffin. Wouldn't you prefer smoothing a balm on to your precious lips that are formulated with natural oils and butter?

Lip the balm is a huge global business, and some companies try various gimmicks to attract the buyer, like creating an unusual shape to dispense the balm. We would rather focus on the true ingredients found in our Lip Balm. We don't need all the bells and whistles.

A pure lip balm will never feel sticky or grainy or weird or cause you to break out in a rash. Our Lip Balm has been carefully designed to offer long lasting moisture and protection, thanks to our superb raw and Fair Trade ingredients. You're receiving a generous lip balm that is 100% natural, organic and vegan with high performing lip softeners like Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil.

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