Meditation Stool - Handmade in Australia

Meditation Stool - Handmade in Australia


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Meditation is all about entering that quiet space within and developing inner peace and calm. An upright spine and stability are most important during meditation.

Common meditation positions on the floor include the simple cross-legged style, where each foot is resting under the knee of the opposite leg. You can gently rock your hips from side to side to position your buttocks and widen the "sitting" bones.

Another method used is the thunderbolt pose, and that one consists of a high kneeling position with your feet and legs together, and then you sit back on your heels, maintaining an erect spine.

Both these positions might be fine for brief periods but become quite uncomfortable for most people. In fact, your feet can become numb, like they are falling asleep, and your ankles can ache. Once you begin trying to re-position your body, you are lost in thought. Not everyone is super flexible to stay completely aligned and stable when doing classic meditation.

The meditation stool has been around since ancient times and was designed to create the ideal comfortable position where pressure is removed from the lower legs, ankles and spine. In this simple manner, you can fully relax your body and be able to focus on your mental exercises.

The proper meditation stool, like the one pictured here, offers wonderful versatility and allows you to meditate in a very tall, neutral position. It ensures a sound mind and sound body and is quality constructed with attractive hardwood. The stool is also finish coated with an all-natural, non-toxic beeswax finish.

Without the stool, you will likely fidget, move around and lose concentration. This stool is built properly and very sturdy, providing superb backless seating. You are still close to the floor with your knees comfortably bent and legs tucked under the meditation stool.

While sitting on a meditation stool, you can sit close hipped or with your legs spread part, and both positions are extremely comfortable.

You can also assume a squatting position on the meditation stool with both feet on the ground, offering an excellent pelvic tilt for your body.

Some people also sit on the meditation stool and then cross their legs in front of them for a comfortable pose.

Meditation is a powerful practice that helps you achieve the ultimate in self-development and transformation. Benefits come to all who engage in the practice. A meditation stool allows you to keep the focus on exactly where it should be.

Our mediation stool is handmade here in Australia. Made from several layers of marine ply, expertly shaped, and angled to provide the correct posture, support, and comfort for extended meditation sessions.

Our Meditation stool is available in three heights:

200mm high at the rear and 180mm high at the front

200mm high at the rear and 160mm high at the front

180mm high at the rear and 160mm high at the front

*Each mediation stool is handmade to order and may take 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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