Meditation Timer - Mindfulness

Meditation Timer - Mindfulness


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The Mindfulness Timer was developed to help those who practice mindfulness meditation based techniques (MBSR, MBCT) to remain present and aware despite the many distractions incessantly coming from the busy mind. But how could a timer determine the quality of our mindfulness and grant us any form of awareness? Mindfulness cannot be programmed and should certainly not be timed. Being mindful means being present to the moment and therefore being in a timeless space.

So why The Mindfulness Timer ?

Anyone who has tried practicing meditation knows how difficult it can be to maintain one’s attention on what is actually taking place in the present moment. Thus restrained, the mind struggles and – greatly helped by habitual patterns – soon succeeds in escaping to its favorite places: the past (revisited and ruminated) and the future (filled with planning and imagining). From then on, all the muddled feelings attached to these thoughts surface while the peace of mind evaporates.

This is where The Mindfulness Timer can help. The perception of a soft and harmonious gong chime immediately dissipates the fantasizing and brings the mind back to the reality of the moment. Instead of wandering away for 10, 15, 20 minutes or more, the mind is thus gently redirected towards the present as often as necessary.

In the course of the day, when you are not practicing formal meditation, but would wish to maintain an alert state of mind, The Mindfulness Timer can help you in two ways: through hearing – when you perceive the gong chimes at regular intervals – and through sight – when your eyes fall on the symbol engraved on the wood of the pyramid.

This symbol appears on the front wall of many Thai temples. The lower part symbolizes the ceaseless circle of thoughts - or the cycle of samsara. The line which rises up in a spiral represents the strength of Mindfulness which has the power to extract us from the cycle and to progress higher and higher until full awakening of the heart faculties.When we are aware of the meaning of this symbol, a simple glance at it during the day can be a reminder of mindfulness and gently bring us back to the present moment.

he AUDIO Gong Timer is an all-round device which enables you

1) to practice to the sound of the gong or bell without thinking of time as 3 chimes signal the beginning and the end of your session;

2) to bring your awareness back to the present moment or give you the opportunity to alternate differentcontemplation exercises as a chime can be set to play at regular intervals;

3) to play your own downloaded sound tracks (guided meditations, meditation music, natural sounds, etc.) thanks to the micro-SD card input. Then the pyramid with its integrated loud-speaker becomes your ally in your practice, for hours on end.


Who will benefit from the Sycamore AUDIO Gong Timer ?

Meditation and Mindfulness teachers and practitioners find this timer absolutely essential to their practice of guided meditation. Therapists in psychology and relaxation also find the Audio Gong Timer  to be a valuable partner, as they alternately use the chime of the gong, recorded natural sounds or meditative music to help their patients relax and benefit from their session to the full without requiring any electronic equipment.

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