Meditation Timer - Reiki

Meditation Timer - Reiki


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The Reiki Timer is a beautiful pyramid made of solid wood which chimes a pure gong sound at regular intervals.

Ten seconds after you set the Reiki Timer, you will hear its first beautiful chime and then again at intervals corresponding to your setting. Most useful to the Reiki practitioner, it is a reminder of the passing of time that leaves you free to be even more present to the sensations arising in the course of your sessions.

With the Reiki AUDIO Gong Timer, you are free from the clock. After setting your timer you may practise:

1) To the sound of the gong / bell. Three chimes signal the beginning and the end of your session and one chime at regular intervals reminds you of the passing of time and provides a signal to change the position of your hands. 

Naturally, the Reiki Gong Timer does not aim at replacing the importance of the practitioner's touch and feel, but helps keep track of the time spent on each hand position. Freeing the attention from the preoccupation of time, it opens the way to more presence and receptivity.

2) To the sound of your own selected recordings (meditation music, natural sounds, etc.) thanks to an SD-card entry. An opportunity to adjust to the preferences of your patients or to create a different atmosphere while you practise.

Who will benefit from the Reiki AUDIO Gong Timer ?

Reiki masters and practitioners, naturally. But therapists in psychology and relaxation also find the Reiki AUDIO Gong Timer to be a valuable partner, as they alternately use the chime of the gong, recorded natural sounds or meditative music to help their patients relax and benefit from their session to the full without requiring any electronic equipment !

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