Rose Facial Scrub - 60gm

Rose Facial Scrub - 60gm


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All Natural by Blue Banyan

When it comes to skin care, you learn that exfoliation is key, along with moisturising properties that allow the complexion to look radiant, clear and youthful. A definite beauty regimen needs to be followed, especially as women move past age 30.

By then, the body's skin is changing along with your need for excellent skin care. By the time you reach 40, your complexion is no longer producing collagen, and you begin to lose elasticity.

The finest skin care lines feature all natural ingredients that never add harsh chemicals in the process. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons will admit that prescription Retin-A works, as far as cell turn-over goes and improving sun damage and general aging issues.

However, Retin-A thins the skin out considerably; in fact, too much so. Some experts believe that Retin-A and retinol products over-stimulate the complexion and can actually ruin the skin in the long term.

That is why a thoughtful line of pure, naturally based skin care products is the intelligent way to proceed. For example, a Rose Facial Scrub is essential in your beauty care regimen for a few reasons.

A Rose Facial Scrub is ideal for all complexion types, especially those with oily faces. The scrub has been carefully designed to remove impurities like dirt and grime, contaminants and excess oil. The scrub is blended with pure, healthy ingredients such as dried rose petals, rose oil, sugar and coconut oil. The results speak for themselves in softer, smoother skin.

Your pores will delight in a thorough deep cleansing, where dry, dead skin cells are swept away to make room for new cell turnover. The gentle yet powerful exfoliation triggers a response beneath the layers of your skin. Then, fibroblast cells begin to synthesize collagen fibers, and wonderfully, this is done through nature's finest ingredients.

Harsh anti-aging products are not the only way to arrive at a glowing, healthy, younger-looking complexion. What matters most, is how your skin reacts during a lifetime. Steady progress maintains gorgeous skin, and all natural skin care lines contain the science and carefully prepared formulas that leave chemicals and harshness by the wayside.

A beautiful complexion doesn't have to try so hard.

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