Rose Moisture Cream - 50gm

Rose Moisture Cream - 50gm


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Rose moisture cream is a natural choice for soft glowing skin. Researchers have found that the oil from roses, rose extract, contains an abundance of antioxidants. These properties make cosmetic creams that use rose extract a smart choice as well as one that is pleasantly but lightly scented.

The most powerful antioxidant property that can be found in an rose moisture cream is vitamin C. Vitamin C increases cell turnover revealing new cells. This process gently removes dead surface skin cells and allows new skin cells to replenish on skins' surface. Cell turnover is essential to boost radiance of skin leaving it glowing and more youthful in appearance.

Vitamin C helps repair cell damage by eliminating the free radicals that ageing cells normally release. Free radicals is what makes cells age and die and vitamin C prevents an extensive amount of cell damage and death because of its cell boosting and anti-ageing properties. It also assists in preventing further cell damage from environmental factors that include pollutants in the air. Those who live near cities where car exhaust and product manufacturing release harmful chemicals in the air constantly can benefit from a skin cream containing antioxidants such as vitamin C.

Rose extract in facial cream is a smart choice as rose oil is naturally soothing. It is beneficial to those with sensitive skin or who may be suffering with rosacea, eczema or have had difficulty using other products without irritation.

Rose oil cream also acts as a mild astringent that naturally tightens pores without harsh chemicals. It is one of the few astringents that is effective and calming
Rose facial creams replenish, rejuvenate and soften skin naturally. It helps plump skin and restore collagen lost due to ageing. It is effective without drying and is also calming, soothing and restorative.

Rose cream contains natural antibacterial properties that will diminish breakouts in mature skin. Anti-inflammatory properties make it a perfect choice for great skin that looks and feels wonderfully hydrated, soft and full.

Healthy beautiful skin is achievable and desirable at any age, but even more so as people age. Let the process of a younger looking skin begin with rose moisture cream. Avoiding harsh chemicals while treating skin to healthy ingredients is the kindest path to youthful supple skin.

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