Singing Bowl - Tibetan Plain 9"

Singing Bowl - Tibetan Plain 9"


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While these singing bowls might look simple, albeit their gold coating, they provide extraordinary sound that is perfect for meditation, yoga sessions or sound therapy. Plus, our simple bowls are extra special; they are authentic Tibetan singing bowls crafted by hand over 40 years ago. Each bowl was thoughtfully constructed with seven different metals for a beautiful sound that was originally used to signify the beginning and end of meditation sessions.

Each 9" singing bowl comes with a free striker and bowl cushion in a choice of colours.

Finding the Perfect Bowls

We count on experienced professionals to find each authentic bowl for us. We require our professionals to have a strong musical ear so they can find the bowls with the best sound characteristics. They test each bowl to determine its "singing ability" and its delicate balance between treble and bass. They choose only the best ones that we can offer to you.

The Healing Power of Singing Bowls

Singing bowls work by moving a padded mallet, not included, around the rim to produce a sound. It is a similar technique to creating a sound with the rim of a wine glass. This action creates a vibration that produces frequencies of sound. You'll find these frequencies very beautiful and relaxing. This vibrational sound is often used in sound therapy to promote relaxation, stress relief, pain relief, better concentration, better sleep and overall well being. It is also thought to alter your consciousness, making it a perfect tool for meditation.

Bowl Appearance

Each of our authentic bowls has a small amount of wear and tear to its appearance, which is to be expected after over 40 years. Nonetheless, this adds to the character and only affects the bowl on a superficial level without affecting the sound quality of the bowl.

Whether you are facilitating a sound healing session, you are looking for a tool to help your students concentrate or you want to further your own meditation sessions, these bowls will help you achieve the relaxing sounds you're looking for. Order one or all three to achieve a harmony of sounds.

Product Specifications

- Authentic Old Bowls
- Hand Made in Tibet
- Includes striker (may differ from image) and bowl cushion

Approximate Dimensions

- Diameter: 9"
- Weight: 1.2kg

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