Tall Meditation Cushion - Buckwheat Hulls

Tall Meditation Cushion - Buckwheat Hulls

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Tall Meditation Cushions With Buckwheat Hulls

If you use meditation to relax, to reduce stress and to enhance your sense of well-being, you won't want to miss these tall meditation cushions. Finding the right position in which to meditate so that you can unwind properly is not always an easy task, but we design each of our items to provide our customers with an enhanced level of comfort. Because people who are taller than average can have trouble finding a cushion that meets their needs, our team created this product with tall practitioners at the front of their minds. Once you sit on it for the first time, you will know that you have made the right decision.


Not everyone looks for the same level of softness in a meditation cushion, and we know that allowing our customers to customise their experience will add to their satisfaction. Each cushion is filled with buckwheat hulls to create a peaceful sensation, and you will feel as though you are floating on air. Because the inner cushion has a zipper, you can open it to add or remove the contents to make it match your taste and style as effectively as possible. If you would like to clean your cushion, you will be pleased to discover the removable covers. In addition to simplifying the cleaning process, the removable covers also allow you to change the colour of the tall meditation cushions with ease.


If you are like many people, then you enjoy travelling to new places and meeting different individuals from around the world. No matter if you are planning your next trip for business or fun, you will want to maintain your daily meditation routine while you are away. To help you enjoy the comfort of buckwheat hulls from any location, your order will include a free tote bag, allowing you to bring tall meditation cushions along for the ride. It does not matter where you find yourself because you will always have a way to sit back, relax and let the tension melt away. The buckwheat hulls of the tall meditation cushion are enough to help anyone find inner peace and tranquillity.

Getting Started

Are you ready to take your meditation routine to the next level? If so, you are invited to take advantage of our offer right away, and we are confident that you will be thrilled with your decision. Deep relaxation, increased focus and reduced stress are just a few of the benefits that you will enjoy when you add one of our tall meditation cushions to your collection, and you will be glad that you did.

All our tall meditation cushions come with a removable 100% cotton outer cover, an inner duck linen cover filled with buckwheat hulls and a free tote carry bag for easy transportation.

Approximate Dimensions: 38cm x Height: 27cm  Approximate Weight: 4.5Kg

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