Tingsha - Double Dorjes Raised - Medium

Tingsha - Double Dorjes Raised - Medium


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Tingsha are tools used to signify the beginning or end of a meditation session, or they could also be used for prayer, a yoga class, a teaching session or to trigger quiet concentration. These cymbals have traditionally been used by Tibetan Buddhists within religious rituals, although anyone can enjoy their beautiful sounds. When you hit a pair of these hand-tuned tingsha against each other, you achieve a drawn-out harmonic ring produced by the thickness of the tingsha and the bronze construction.

The beautiful ring of the tingsha can also be used in sound therapy, which involves healing through the vibration of sound. Sound therapy is thought to help stress, pain and sleep, in addition to helping you relax, balancing your energy, helping you concentrate and even advancing your consciousness.

For a price much more affordable than chimes and crystal bowls, you can enjoy beautiful sounds to take your meditation session or other relaxing activity to the next level.

Product Specifications

- Hand Tuned
- Double Dorjes
- Leather Cord
- Bronze

Approximate Dimensions

- Diameter: 65mm (medium)
- Height: 20mm
- Leather Cord: 30cm
- Weight: 220g

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